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What to do when the drama seeps back into your relationship

Going back to ex or reunion with the ex is common in most of the young couples, yeah you had a breakup but your heart cant wants to give another chance to a relation. But in the process of reunion, we forget that breakup happens because of reasons and you should never take those reasons for granted. 
Many people experience the same drama again after the reunion, its necessary to take the right steps to protect yourself from another heartbreak. Let’s talk about the best tips to save yourself from the repeated drama.


Communication is the biggest tool that can help in saving your relationship from getting ruined again.
Take some time to sit and communicate about the issues and dramas that caused the previous breakup and communicate about the acts that were responsible for the breakup.

relationship drama


Listening is the biggest part of effective communication, listen to your partner perspective and understand them.
Most common issues of misunderstanding in a relationship are we listen to respond, you should listen to understand.  

Strengthen your bond

What kind of action needs to be taken depends on the scenario of drama.  
Is your partner gets too possessive? Or he/she is not giving you the required attention? Or he/she acts too cozy with their colleagues. Different scenario needs different treatments. 
Try to bring down the differences through a change in your behavior that can mak your partner feel more loved, spend more quality time together, pay more attention to their need and ask them to suggest the best things to reduce dramas.

relationship drama

Take a final decision

Some time reunion after a breakup is just like reading the same book again when you know the ending. So did you tried to communicate, tried to understand their needs and tried to make them feel special? But things haven’t changed? Dramas haven’t ended? Then its time to quit it for good. 
You need to understand that some people are made that way and you can’t change their behavioral patterns. So what can you change? Your partner.