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Love yourself first as a means to getting your ex to love you again

What love means is to love yourself first.

Normally, we usually have this notion that we have to be selfless and love others first. However, there is a quote in one of the good books that tell us to love others as we love ourselves. So what does that really mean? It means we need to learn to love ourselves first, then we can be able to show similar love to someone else.

What does loving yourself really mean?

Sometimes we focus so much on proving to a person how much we love them, that in the process, we lose ourselves. We lose who we truly were. We are no longer the person they fell in love with because, in the process of trying to please too hard, we neglect ourselves. In the process, we become too needy. And before long, things stop being the same and you get dumped!

How can you get your ex to fall in love means you fall in love with yourself first.

If the main reason your ex left was that things stopped being the same, then it’s about time you searched within yourself. First off, you’ll first need to improve yourself. And the first step to improving yourself is to love yourself.

When you start loving yourself, you become more confident and your self-esteem improves. You will go to the gym, take up a hobby that makes you happy, get a makeover. You will start radiating all this. And when they meet you, they will see that person they fell in love with in the first place.

It is hard to expect someone else to love you if you don’t truly love yourself and treat yourself well. Treating yourself right is what true love means. Then the rest will fall into place. Always do right by you.