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How to Make Him Want You Again

Many desperate girls have asked me the same question again and again, “how to make him want you” depends on many variables and one has to be very sure that whether you really want him of you just want him back to satisfy your ego?

What was the reason for your breakup?

  • Just a misunderstanding?
  • You dumped him because of some other guy but now you want him back?
  • He dumped you over other women?
  • Because of long distance relationship?

Your reason for breakup will be the deciding factor of whether you will succeed in getting him back or not, or whether you will be able to have long distance relationship again? It’s generally easy to get him back if your breakup happened over a misunderstanding and it’s difficult to have a relationship again if you guys broke-up due to cheating.

There are many variables that require being kept in mind before you pursue your ex-boyfriend again.

  • Do you want him to satisfy your ego?
  • Are you jealous of seeing him hanging out with other girls?
  • Is it love or desperation to get him back in life?
  • Or you want him because you are scared of being single?

If any of the above is your case then let me tell you that your relationship is not going to last long again. But if you genuinely love him, care for him then there is few tips you can follow to get him back in your life.

Let’s Talk About How To Make Him Want You Again.

Step 1- don’t get desperate to get him back

He became your Ex because, for a reason, your relationship was lacking something due to which you discontinued the relation.

It’s okay to try to get him back in your life but understand this you can’t get him right now. Getting back your ex will require to follow a routine and work in a planned way, you will be required to trigger his emotions in order to get him back.

Don’t make a desperate call or message. Don’t share anything that might annoy him, like posting pictures with some random guys.

So, the First step is all about deciding that you want him back and you figured out the real reason why you want him back in your life.

how to make him want youStep 2- Body positivity

Best thing to do in order to make him want you is work on yourself. Spend some self-healing time to get your mind in a positive situation. Start your body transformation, hire a quality trainer who can make you look tempting and help you with your fitness journey.

Till this step you are not allowed to drop a message to him, you are working on your betterment to make yourself a better person.

Step 3- Attractive life

Once you have worked on the body and mind transformation now its time to have a makeover and infuse some confidence in your lifestyle.

Enroll yourself in some social activities, like a hiking trip or random travel trip. Get to know about new places and educate about a new culture, keep yourself updated on social media to raise his temptation for you.

Till now we are working on your personality to make it more attractive and desirable.

Step 4- Ask him for a coffee and say thanks

Now it’s time to make him a call, ask him if you can have a talk with him.

Once you get an opportunity to have a conversation with him, let him know that you realized the number of good things that he has done for you and let him know that he was a true blessing in his life.

If you see any positive vibes from his side then ask him for a coffee as a thank you gesture for the things he had done for you.

Step 5- accept your mistakes and forgive his mistakes.

Now once you meet him for a coffee start with a conversation with big thanks and how glad you are to see him again.

Accept all the mistakes that you conceived knowingly and unknowingly, and let him know that you have forgiven him for his mistakes.

Let him know that no ego is more important than him and his sacrifices for you and start a new inning of your relationship as a friendship.

Now you have reached a stage where he will be able to give your relationship a try again and you can work out to create a better relationship.