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How To Avoid Arguments With Your Partner In A Relationship

Arguments are common in every relationship; love and hate is a part of every normal relationship, the argument comes when you expect a lot of things from your partner but partner fails to fulfill the expectations.

Let’s discuss some of the simple psychological tricks on how to avoid arguments in a relationship.


One of the greatest ways to avoid an argument is your communication skills, if you concentrate on listening instead of speaking, you will be able to avoid any kind of conflict with your partner.

Start building a communication system in a relationship, have a communication rulebook to make it more efficient. What is the rulebook? It will remind you to follow few simple protocols in time of arguments, protocols like: try to understand each other perspective, listen to each other carefully, stay calm, don’t raise your voice, try to see it from each other perception.


One of the most common habits almost all the successful people possess is regular ‘meditation’, meditations help you develop calmness and relieve any stress or anxiety.

how to avoid arguments in a relationship

Learn to stay calm

One of the stupidest mistake couples do is they forget to stay calm, relationship required to maintain a balance and if your partner is angry on you, instead of losing your tamper you should focus on staying calm and try to listen to them.

Most of the argument arises when couples lose their calm start to raise their voice, this makes the situation worst.


Sometimes all you require to save a relationship is to throw your ego in dustbin and Apologies.

An apology has a different effect on brain system when you apologize to your partner brain give them a signal to calm down.  Once you hear your partner properly and apologize your partner you both can discuss the matter with a calm mind.


There will be instances when you might get deeply hurt because of your partner, but you need to decide whether the relationship is more important than the mistake?

Learn to forgive, it’s an art that takes some time to develop.

how to avoid arguments in a relationship

There is no winner

There is no winner or loser in an argument with the partner, it’s about whether your love won or lost. Taking argument as a win or lose is good till the office boundaries, you should start considering your relationship as a single entity instead of looking at it as two separate persons.