Dating Tips

How Dating Has Changed Since You Were Last In The Game

Dating is not a constant entity which will stay the same forever, its a variable that changes its value constantly and you need to stay adaptive to the changing dating patterns to stay in the game.

Dating pattern has seen progressive growth and you need to stay aware of the new rules of dating, Let’s discuss some of the latest rules of dating:

Online dating:

One of the biggest change that can be seen in waiting world is the way we dated, a few years back we spent numerous hours to get the opportunity to have a coffee with a woman, but now, online dating has made things very easy for people. Online dating has improved the search radius, communication, better availability of partners.

Who pays the bill:

Women are gaining a progressive and independent mindset at a fast pace. Today it’s not necessary for a guy to pay for the dinner, many women will love to share the bill or offer to pay.


Level of communication has changed drastically, now you are not expected to wait for the perfect timing to make the first move, days of waiting around for call or text message are over. People are more upfront and appreciate the fast response.

how dating has changed

Dating venue:

A few years back watching a movie in the theater was considered to be a good choice but its totally outdated now. Outing dates, fun dates, hiking dates are more appreciated by today’s generation.

You don’t need to book a table at an expensive restaurant, people have started appreciating a simple coffee date over extravagant dates.

Moving in together:

Moving in together is not a taboo anymore, couples are more comfortable with the idea of moving in together.

No more Formal Dates:

A few years back, dates were expected to be formal and exotic, but with the introduction of online dating and so many dating options, couples have started opting for fun ways to know each other. Today’s generation has categorized this special event into many different categories, now their many types of dates include those that involve Picnics, walking, dancing, hiking, Netflix viewings, catching up for a coffee or brunch, going to a sports event, travel adventure couple activities, double dates with friends and many more.