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Getting over a crush you see every day

I happen with all of us, at some point in life we all had a huge crush on someone we see every day, that person can be your classmate, office colleague, teacher, boss, your best friend’s date, etc.  

But it’s heartbreaking to accept the trust that you have to let go that person from your life because maybe your crush is seeing someone else, or you just know that getting together is impossible. Let’s have a look at some of the practical strategies to help you get over a crush you see every day.

Stay honest

The first step is to realize the fact that you have developed an attraction for someone you cant get and now it’s time to get over things in a decent way. Staying honest with your feeling will help you prepare for a better exit.

Fawn over someone else

So you realized that you are falling for someone who can’t be yours, the best way to counteract is to concentrate on other hotties near you.

Your crush might seem like the most beautiful person left in the world, let’s be practical mate, there are plenty of better options available around, you just need to find them.

You can enhance your social circle, meet new people through doing stuff that you love to do and start being creative to find a new partner.

getting over a crush you see everyday

Join some hobby classes

We all have some deep interests, it’s time to find something more important that your crush.

To give you an idea, you can start concentrating on a new hobby, start volunteering for a social cause, start a blog, travel or just adopt a pet.

Avoid them online

Being frequent online will make the process worst. It’s time to disconnect yourself from Facebook, insta, snapchat, etc.

Instant messaging apps are your worst enemy if you want to forget someone. Your goal should be very clear, prevent yourself from remembering them on a constant basis.

Ask for help

Some crushes cause mental and emotional damage and you will require some additional help. You are not alone, let your loved one know about your feeling and ask them to help you deal with the situation.

Opt for casual dating

Best way to move on is to start dating someone else, register yourself to some online dating apps and websites that can help you get more options.

Casual dating and meeting new people will help you heal up at a fast pace.