Dating Tips

Dating Etiquette Tips That You May Not Be Aware Of If You’ve Been Out Of The Game For A While

Have you ever come across the term dating etiquette? Most of the people are not concerned about dating etiquettes but it is one of the most common deciding factors which can make you stand out. In the world of online dating, it is more important to put more emphasis on your dating etiquette to improve your success in your first date.

Dating etiquette is not a list that every woman keeps in their purse before going on a date, these are the habits that your date is going to observe about you, consciously or sub-consciously. let’s hop on directly to some dating etiquette tips to have the best impression.

Put your phone away

One of the latest and most important modern datings antiquate “Put your phone away”. I personally reject the person on the spot if he is overusing his phone, few selfies are good but that doesn’t require to have pictures in 28 different poses and then just concerned about uploading it on social media.

Dress well

Whether you talk about old school style or modern style, a good dressing always earns an appreciation. If you are a boy then wearing some good formal can have a positive impact on your date.

Don’t let her wait

Staying punctual have a psychological effect on your date, it just conveys your interest in them. Punctuality is a character that will be appreciated by your date, if in case you got late due to some unavoidable circumstances then make sure to be apologetic about it and grab some beautiful flowers and chocolate for her.


Listening is an art that only few can handle. Listening is an essential ingredient of good communication and if you are bad at listening then you should concentrate on developing this key skill before planning a date.

Good listening will make you more attractive and will improve your chances to win her heart.


Asking legitimate question is only possible when you pay attention to what she said. Way to a girls heart is staying sensitive towards her needs, and this is only possible when you ask right questions and know more about her.

Be honest

One of my key requirements while going on the first date is “Honesty”, sometimes guys try to fake themselves but what they don’t understand is faking their identity is going to backfire on them.

You can impress a girl on the first date but you won’t be able to do that forever, so stay honest with her and you will definitely find someone who will appreciate the real you.

Don’t get drunk

Getting drunk should be the last thing you want to do on your date, especially a first date.

Getting drunk will display the darker side of your behavior and that is certainly not a good for your first impression. Stay within your limits and act like a gentleman.