Dating Tips

How to make the most of your first date

Mixing it up is the key to a great first date

happy couple engaging in conversation on first date

When it comes to re-engaging in the dating scene it is vital that you provide yourself and your partner with an experience that will be memorable.

There are a number of things you can do to make that first date one to savior but an important pre-date step is to identify what the other person is like and what you believe they will enjoy. This will guarantee that the experience will be a comfortable one. Below are some tips when arranging a first date that should help make the day or night an enjoyable one.

Don’t suggest a movie date

A great idea for established couples, this is a horrible first date suggestion. You want to give yourself the time to get to know each other and sitting in a movie cinema for hours will not allow this. I have often encountered friends who have reported bad experiences from such dates. Sure they have had a nice time and enjoyed the movie, but they have learned very little about their dating partner and as a result are no closer to deciding whether it is a relationship worth pursuing.

Ascertain whether your dating partner is active

There are great dating ideas out there available if you and your partner are into living an active lifestyle. If in chatting before the date, your partner has divulged that they are into outdoor activities then a date that incorporates a fun activity like kayaking, or a picnic may be the perfect date that will have you living long in their thoughts after the date has been completed.

Don’t write yourself off

It is perfectly acceptable to drink on a first date. In fact meeting in a bar can often be a great way to break the ice. But be aware that in doing so you’ll be more likely to over-consume alcohol which can lower your inhibitions and change your personality to the point where you’d agree to do things you’d otherwise be reluctant to do. Drink responsibly when meeting somebody for the first time.

I hope these dating tips hope when formulating that first date with a partner that you are excited to meet in person!